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Month: July 2017

The lone tear! 

As I pat myself to sleep,

As time seeps through the night,

The shadows remain unwavered. 

Unaware of time, unaware of space. 

The shadows of the past, the moments 

The ones of the bliss, the ones of remorse.

As I pat myself into sleep,

She asks, “Why do you shake your feet?”,

And she says, “Patting yourself to sleep?!”. 

As I pat myself to sleep, 

Through the sleeplessness of the night,

Through the restlessness of the mind,

Through the shadows of the past,

The bliss, the remorse, the sleep,

The lone tear slips away to the night,

As my feet tremble, so does the soul! 


The much delayed post. Has been a month since life has taken a significant turn. In the impact of the ‘significance’, or for some lame reason, I have not written in a while. A long while. I used to think that I would never again be able to write. Often, I saw my blog dying and me staying by, powerless. And it hurt. I wanted to write. I always have wanted to. I still want to. This is the one thing I feel good about. The one thing that makes me feel that I could do much better. The one thing that I would never regret. But as life takes me forward, and time shrinks, it scares me that I no longer am going to be the same. The carefree passionate liberal soul. I might never again make it that way. For I am in pursuit of new ways!

Great ideas and noble thoughts are unwritten!