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JaDa – Day 28

Often, all you need is a cup of coffee and a book to read. But here I am with a cookie milkshake (because the coffee is too bitter here) and a person to talk to (because a book can wait, not a person)! So me and the person, obviously Divya, set out for an evening walk because there’s unnecessary excitement (quoting her!). I should probably drop the ‘ivya’ and just call her D. It’s redundant and boring, because everyday I invariably have something to write about her. Anyway, we found this new cafe/patisserie near Friend Mart; a pretty calm and relaxing place to spend a great evening. It’s been a while since some quality time, and today was one such. After the routine visit to the store there, we headed back home. It’s a Monday tomorrow. And at that, one after a long weekend!

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