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JaDa – Day 61

Of the many things I would miss, Shiru Cafe is one. Free coffee, sure. But more than that, it’s the ambience around it. The tables set outside the cafe, next to the lawn, facing the road and the mountains beyond. Spending long hours over a cup of coffee, with someone to talk to was always a pleasant experience. Today, as Divya and me were doing exactly that, Pooja joined us. She is from India, and a fellow resident at the I-house. In a long conversation about her finding a new apartment, moving in alone, with apprehensions about doing things on her own, she casually mentioned about growing up. Facing life challenges in baby steps – signing a lease agreement in a foreign country, furnishing the home, insuring the place, and finding the right bargain for all of these! But again, it makes me think. Is it easier for me in a foreign country or in India?

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