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JaDa – Day 80

I don’t know if it’s me, or the foreign trip, or just normal – souvenir shopping just never ends! I have hardly 2-3 days to go home and I am still looking for stuff for relatives. Set out to Kyoto in the morning itself – a solitary trip. Besides some shopping in Yodobashi, and the routine Shijo-Teramachi stretch, I had a selfish agenda for today. I placed order for my most precious souvenir – all for myself! I am getting a hanko – a personalised Japanese style stamp – with ‘trust’ engraved in Kanji – ‘頼’. I am so excited, maybe even more than the iPad! Kyoto has been so familiar for us now that we set up random rendezvous to meet up. Met Divya at Wendy’s in Teramachi, and got back home after her shopping spree.

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