Athu penmai pesidum muthal aasai varthai thaan…Vairamuthu’s awesome lines about a woman blushing! The face turning pink in blush, at the thought of her man, expressing the yearning.

That’s just one form of ‘vekkam’ or blush or shyness or whatever. There are other forms, more complex and ironic.Self rupturing and mutilating kinda. But then, they cant be casually referred to as shyness or embarrassment. They are step closer to loss of respect to one self. And for a person with self respect as all that’s left in life, its an ultimate irredeemable loss. One that pushesyou to death. Through with it!

Valluvar dinam

Heard of such a guy? Thiruvalluvar? Today is supposedly ‘his’ day. Dont know more details. But wanted to share all that I knew about the legend. His masterpiece, the ‘Thirukural’. Its life changing potential. The poetic charm of the verses. The thoughts that’d linger a lifetime. The weight of the language setting in. Tempting for more Tamil. More love. More poems. More passion. More meaning. More to life.

Even thought of choosing a verse for a day and brief about it. Everyday. But as ever. You propose. Somebody else disposes. Ah whatever. I’m done proposing. Let things come the way they know for I’m too dumb,rather lazy, to guide them further. As life has it!

Wish nothing’s disposed again. I wanna start with it. My thirukural days. As long as it stays.

Pongalo pongal!

The tamil new year. Pongal was today. Guess new years have a problem with me this year! Lol. Didn’t get a single message or wish from anybody. Why does that feel bad now? I was never that kinda person. In the end, may be I was. Having them always, I could notice their worth only when absent. 🙂

Gifts did find their way to me though, if not wishes. Surprising unexpected gifts. I’m glad. One such gift was an awesome thought that struck me today. A wonderful idea that I thought over for hour and hours today. But to hell with the new year unluck charm on me! I totally have no memory of the thought expect for how awesome it was and how I was craving to put it down here in my blog. Bad bad bad memory!

So where was I? Yeah, the Tamil New Year. Hope it has something good in store for everyone. Should be writing more about Tamil, if not IN Tamil. Its sweet, elegant and majestic. Tamizh vaazhka!