From the winged one, here I’m wingless and trapped. From ‘ottrai siragu’ (the single wing) to ‘siluvayil’ (in prison). Dont pull ya hair already. I’m just talking about the transition of my blog title. From one to another, jumping through, this is my fourth or so blog. Everytime I blog, everytime I kill it. And every time, I resurrect. But its difficult to resurrect at the same place. Coz most of the time, I’d have killed the blog coz I hated myself for writing it up. Going back to the same things you despise is awkward. So I choose another point on the web to resurrect with my writings. Starting fresh and anew, washing away the past. However, this time, nothing has been washed away. I have brought along the past with me. Coz this time, I’m not running away. This is just a new beginning. Kick start! Just another blog, with the same old Nomadic thoughts and insane symbolisms and irrational rationalism!

Welcome here. Be around. Help me get along. Cheers. 🙂

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