Lost in perfection!

The title wouldn’t a ring a bell to most. For its a private business of mine. A long started never completed mid way dropped novel or somewhat similar writing of mine. I’m reviving it here. Except for the title, the whole content is refreshed and am beginning from the scratch. Episode by episode. Scene by scene. Dialogue by dialogue. 🙂

Starting from today, its gonna be a series of posts. Check for the tag/category to distinguish it from my other ramblings. Here I go…

“The silence was deafening. Any other day, she’d have yelled at him. But today was different. She couldn’t raise her eyes to look at him. How would the voice rise! It felt the last moment. The last breath they exchange. The last sight they share. She decided to turn and walk away. She turned on her heels. Started walking swiftly. Slowly running now. Gathering pace, she knew she didnt take the opposite direction. She was towards him. With him a few feet away, she couldn’t stop now. She collapsed. On his chest, the warmth that drove her crazy all life! Instantly, she felt a push. And it didnt take long to understand it was him. Pushing her away, he turned. Walked away without a word. The silence was deafening. ”

to be continued…

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