Writing on..

Why am I not sticking to my new year revolution? I should be posting something everyday. But I am not. Not alternative days. Not even once a week. This is absurd. I should be writing often. I have readers. And I have things to write. Why not then! Recently, I’ve been pushing my friends into blogging as well. And what they keep telling me is something like, writing always demands a drive. Something like a strong and extreme emotion or mental state that stirs the uneventful existence. They tell me nothing of that sort happens in their lives and hence they cant write. In a nutshell, they tell me they aren’t as sorrowful and as pathetic as I’m right now.

Is my depression mode the drive to my writing spree? I dont assume so. I always wrote. And I always will write. The past was successful and the future is promising. It’s the present that I’m uncertain of. I dont know if I actually want to write this. I dont even know if I’m actually writing this or just imagining that I’m typing this. Was I not just discussing about file pointers and object oriented programming a while before? But now am I writing? Or typing? I’m confused. It cant be me writing. I am not supposed to be writing. Writing needs a drive and at the moment, I’ve none. I’m not crying my heart out. Not laughing my heart out either. I’m not particularly at the height of my emotions. Practically feeling nothing other than the stink and damp in the room.

Looks like I can still write. Feeling ecstatic about the idea of not feeling anything, I can still narrate a million stories and sing a million verses. I’d never grow enough to grow tired of them. I may go blank. But never emptied. I may be out of my mind. But never out of words. I’m on with writing. Writing on..

7 thoughts on “Writing on..

  1. I guess this is rhetorical, but I’m still gonna leave a comment. First of all, cut yourselff some slack! Nobody follows their New Year’s resolution (I abandoned mine by mid-February). That being said, try and stick to your resolution though. Just don’t force anything.

    Also, I don’t really think that you need to feel some strong emotion to wite something. Its just your writing gets more emotional & improved if you are not of a stable mental state. 😛

    And once again, I found your post confusing and obscure! Wish you clarified more. 🙂


    1. Yeah, it was rhetoric. (See where it’s categorized!) Thanks for ‘still’ commenting. Well, nobody sticks to their resolutions. But I aint a nobody, you know. This was my first ever resolution. 🙂 And the emotion part, guess you are very right about that!


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