Day 8 – Domino effect!

I never ever learn. Introducing pizza to someone is the riskiest thing to do in one’s life. But I never learn and keep taking the same risk. And so I did this biggest ever blunder of my life. Took a group of fifteen to Dominos, with hardly one or two of them with any or little knowledge about this heavenly food called pizza. I still so much insisted they try pizza once in life atleast, citing how heavenly and all the more affordable and filling it could be. Outdoing each of theirs semi willingness, I just had to apply a bit more of persuasion to get them join me to Dominos. Now that we all finally set for it, we had no idea about the location of their shop. I googled, got their number, rang up and asked for landmarks and access methods. And came GPS and AGPS for our rescue. I am so wondering how’d have made it upto most of our destinations in the trip,had we not had Google Maps. Let me not talk in detail about the pizza ordering and eating experience. It was more embarrassing than my first pizza when the guy at the counter grinned at my fate! 😀 But at the end of the dinner, nobody appeared disappointed. May be not filling enough, but most seem quite okay with the new delicacy. Thank god! Domino(s) effect. I kept asking. Should have asked a rating on a scale of ten! Never mind.Next time. Yeah, I am planning on stuffing pizza into their mouths again and again, coz I love taking risks! 😛

The day’s highlight, personally, however was that I almost drowned and thought I am dying and wanted to resurface and drink some water and then die! It was in Baga beach that we spent our calm morning, with gentle waves and shallow waters. Posing for photos, tattooing, making sand ‘turtles’ (castles are outdated!), picking up ‘precious’ stones that could turn us billionnaires! We had some real fun out there! In turn, we were motivated to be all set for a complete hell break loose session in the evening! Pushing everyone into water,even those who stayed away in the morning, Calangute was an awesome beach experience with violent waves and deceiving depths! The first few metres were relatively deep and muddy. Beyond that, the shore elevated itself, under water. Naturally, we had more safe zone into the sea than normal, on height terms. I have never gone that deep into the sea alone. Not alone actually. I had another person to take care of! And then this massive wave hit us and we were pulled beneath the surface, almost drowning. I rose up once and thought I am saved and then this girl grabbed to support me or herself. Losing grip, I fell deeper and was so thrilled I’m gonna die an awesome death. And my bad! Nothing happened. The water withdrew and let me go! The salted water added to my bitterness. That’s all.

The last awesome night of IV was today. And as I knew it, we all did have maximum fun! All the last minute shopping and the ridiculuos bargains. Ah the other shop where we had a Malayali shopkeeper, and he pretended not understanding the Malayalam we spoke. We caught him red handed when he laughed with us, on our dialogues. Many incidents. Countless experiences. Infinte freedom. Memorable days. I was happy all these days. Feels like today is the last of some blissful days of life. Wanting more of them. All those short moments and long conversations. Cat fights and the giant hugs! I am so gonna miss them all.

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