The national anthem of our country India is Janaganamana…, contributed to the nation by Rabindranath Tagore. Its sung at almost all occasions of public gathering, as the dispersal siren. And on all National days, like today the Republic day, and so many other similar days. It is composed to be sung taking 52 seconds, not running too fast with the tempo, nor too dragging. It’s an element of reverence that we pay to the country, at all social instances, by standing upright, at attention, without moving about for that 52 seconds, singing along with pride and respect. Disrespect to it is considered a serious offence against the country’s integrity.

See! I know a lot of stuff about our national anthem. I could go on to write a more detailed essay on that, like we all would have in high school. But to my greatest private embarrassment and shock, this morning, I realised I’ve forgotten the National Anthem! Half way thru the recital of it, after the flag hoisting at mom’s office, I was privately feeling dumb. How could I just forget the lines and be so blank! I used to sing it twice everyday for a great majority of time in my life. For some long 12 years of schooling, my days started/ended with this very same tune! So now when I think, when was the last time I ever sang the anthem? Can’t connect too many loose ends and relate to any specific occasion. Wasit back then at school, during one of those final morning assemblies?

Its disturbing. I can’t identify the things I lost/forgot. This should be what they euphemistically address as metamorphosis. May be this is just a phase. And this too shall pass. But nonetheless, it continues to disturb. What all am I actually missing in this process of growth and living this up! The anthem. I compensated by playing it over and over in my brain; rewind and replay! Will all things be this easy to redeem? Obviously. 🙂

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