‘Theory’ in practice!

For an average TVM-ite, second hand books point to just one place! And there again, if you are a student, you are sure to have atleast one ‘memorable’ bargaining episode with the street vendors at Palayam! Nothing equals the ‘fun’ of hanging out with friends at Palayam, walking in and out of every stall there, bargaining and befriending and at (some rare) times, yelling at the book ‘chettan’, and finally returning home (mostly) empty handed coz only that particular book that you were looking for went out of stock!

But, looks like its been time to redefine ‘fun’ book experience at Palayam! The one stop destination for the ‘bookies’ of Trivandrum…here it has come at Palayam. Placed inside Saphalyam Complex, ‘Theory’ doesn’t seem to compete with our street book ‘chettanmar’! Here,the concept is not just buy/sell second hand books. More than that, the ambience is what gets highlighted when you visit the place. The black and white setting and the ever smiling care-taker lady will just make you stay a bit longer than what you planned. Lingering around books, like you have nowhere else to go! (Okay, now that might suit only total crazy people like me!) ‘Theory’ lifts the perspective to another level of social commitment with free medical camps for financially backward people (free monthly check up for members too!) and liberal approach to book references! (If you don’t have enough money to buy the book, never mind, sit down at their luxurious chair and note down all that you need!) There’s more to say about ‘Theory’! It’s like putting down all the ‘theories’ about an ideal book store/library/recreation into practice! So much to experience than to describe!

If none of these takes you there for a visit, then mind you. Don’t go there for their free WiFi connection or for the free coffee refill!

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