Recently stepped into an extravaganza of mobile applications and technological marvels. And of all things, I am struck by the one awesome ‘app’ that I was introduced to! The wondrous piece of technology is simply just another instant messaging application. But what the makers claim as unique is the digitally encrypted communication that provides privacy and security to the message content. Even more, additional security is offered by a self destruction mechanism implemented on the conversations.

Just as you talk and as the recipient reads your message, the timer begins and runs the self destruction procedure. The message that are read by both parties are automatically destroyed by this methodology. The question is not about how important a tool it is to the users, but instead, how big an impact might it probably make to the users. It’s like you are affected by short term memory loss. You feel so disoriented and cut off from the conversation coz of the incomplete conversation history. You open the app and see  a smiley from a friend. You are probably stuck all day thinking about what you had said earlier to cause that smiley!

As I said, it’s indeed a wondrous technology. Transience. You will never recollect what made you laugh but the happiness remains. Never the fight but the heat of it. Never the words of hate, but the pain. Never the way. But the destination reached. Without seeing the reasons, the implications hold roots. Not knowing what ended the conversation, not even sure if anything existed before, the disconnected sentences often make a conversation. Transience. The biggest boon to humanity. Now a magic of technology too.

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