House this! House that! House is so! That’s so House! House! House! That’s all I keep saying, thinking, dreaming, everything. This new TV series, House MD, that swept me off my feet! I have never enough words to describe how wonderful those forty five or so minutes of my day dramatizes the rest of my thoughts! My brother once said he wanted to drop out of Engineering college and pursue Medicine, out of nowhere! He pointed at this TV show and justified it! How silly of him, I thought! But now, sitting through the years, I wonder why didn’t I push him to do that! Or at least one of my many ‘few’ friends to be actual ‘doctors’! Obviously because none of them could drop computer science and suddenly jump into Biology! But yet, right now, I wish if I had a medical advice, private and free, like from a friend! I could at least verify the authenticity of all the diseases that ‘House’ diagnoses!
But on a parallel thought, I was wondering why isn’t there a similar TV show for the computer geeks? One in which people sit around a problem, analyse and formulate it, and suddenly implement the code! Or debugs an impossible program! Or something similar at all! Is there already one, just that I didn’t know! I so badly wanted to be motivated. Like what I assume Dr. House does to all people related to medicines and health and Biology! I so badly wanted to be inspired and motivated to move my lazy ass and do some real computer thing, beyond browsing and window shopping! Everytime my dad asked to get out of home and join some course, I said July is my holiday month, on account of my impending ‘busy’ schedule. And suddenly when I realize that I am at the end of the month and still have no idea where to row my boat, I guess it is time to call it something better than an “engineer’s block”, as in the case of a “writer’s block”! When things are going well as planned and articulated, it seems impossible to fill in the tiny gaps in between. I am stuck in one such!

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