Cricket – the spoiler

DISCLAIMER : This is my personal opinion. Experiences hot and fresh from my life. Please don’t file a case against me for defaming your favorite sport. My day is pretty much screwed up already by you know what! Read it for fun and fun alone. My satirical drama.
Life ends today? World is finished by that stupid bat and ball? I am so tired. I am so so tired. So depressed. So so depressed. Why?! Why?! Why did I wear blue today! I feel like I am allied to some life threatening, malignant virus. Cricket they call it. Cricket. Cricket. How aptly did that annoying insect get named so! Its all the same. The game. The name. The bug.
I come running to office for the impending big day’s pending work. And what do I see! Live cricket streaming! Did I not mentally curse that guy, very so lightly, but not loudly at all. I don’t remember exactly. After all, that was just the beginning! Then walks in my team mate, panting and rushing as usual. I feel so impressed by his dedication, that I thought of dropping in at his cubicle. Casually enquiring about yesterday’s work and it’s progress, I look at his screen and what do I see! Scores oh scores! Cricket scores! Spilled all over, cricket cricket cricket! Alas! He laments to me about how bad the scores are looking! Did I not curse him a little too much?
Lunch. Relief I thought. Relief I wanted. And what do I get? A lunch time discussion and live streaming of the match! All TV screens flashing scores in all hues! Why why why! Not like I have ever been a part of any lunch time gossip, today I literally wanted to run away from the stupid stupid talk on the stupid stupid game!
Thank God I don’t have a brother who gets a day off from work coz his boss is crazy and called in ‘sick’ for the match! Thank God I don’t have a lover who forgets my birthday coz the ‘match’ happens today! Thank God I am not married, that my husband stays home instead of picking me up after work! Thank God my dad is still too scared of my sister to touch the remote! Thank God all the men in my life are not at all crazy about cricket!
P. S. I started writing somewhere in the middle of the game, frustrated by the negligence from everyone! Coz everyone was fixed right there at the match! By the time I post this, the match is long over. And now when I think! How silly, though true! It’s often not about things, but the perspective you look at them from!

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