The J days

June. July. Javascript. jQuery. The jBoss. It is all a ‘J’ frenzy. And of the lot, the introduction to jBoss would be that one thing that changed life. From that moment, there seems no getting back to the pre-jBoss days. I had always planned and plotted out this final post. At the end of July. End of jBoss. End of J. I had thought out the entire sequence of events, how, when, what and where of everything. But at this moment, at the end of J, I am at a loss. Nothing falls in place. Nothing makes sense. But holding on to the rails, I have surfaced again. Quickly looking at the ‘J’ episode, this is what I saw.
# I ‘un-smarted’ my phone and suddenly feel smarter than my old Nokia 5310! Looks like, I finally got back in control of my life and the people in it. It wasn’t a necessity, but a crazy thought, yet surprisingly rewarding.
# I am deeply thinking about life and future and career and all those huge things. Well, technically, it’s a peer thought and pressure currently. But somehow, this time, it feels like there’s been a lot of reflected thoughts and insights on my ‘plans’! The J effect again.
# I feel free. And careless. I am not mindful of the eyes looking at me or the ears around me. And that definitely is because I have learnt to laugh. Giggle. Crack jokes. Witty glances. I can actually scream and I quite never realized I could! And so much more. What a bliss to find someone who shares your sense of humor! An instantly favourite person!
# I feel confident. I am more aware. Of myself. And the surroundings. And that boosts up the spirit. I am okay walking out of the ‘J’ frenzy. Period.
# I am inspired. I aspire to grow ten years older. Nine to be precise. I see a better life ahead. I see a new horizon of endurance. I see me in the future.
I guess this is one of those posts of mine that’s going to make me so narcissistic. I am going to come back to this a thousand times over and over. For, these random lines of mine are, perhaps, what’s gonna keep me going forever, until I find what I seek. I have learnt to be calm. And strong. And beyond everything, to be good. Inspired for a life time.
The joy of finding a friend with the same mental disorder as you! The bliss of sharing the most joyous treasure! The bubbling of a smile over a ‘bubbly’!

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