Happy Women’s day!

I am not a feminist. Actually, I am an anti-feminist. Before you judge, look at the words again. I am against the concept of feminism but not against women. Hence the title! So why would I preach a day for women if I am not so much into a gender based distinction! Year after year, I have made it a point to wish my mom on Women’s day. Reasons are plenty. One, she is the first woman of my life. Second, she’s the greatest woman I have known. Third, she’s my mom and for that simple reason, I will go on to make another hundred reasons! But today, I met another woman. And I saw myself offering my hand to wish her a very happy women’s day.
She’s no big achiever. No celebrity. No wonder woman. She was just a representative of a zillion homemaker plus working woman combo. She travels a close to 200km distance – almost 4 hours – every single day. Both ways – losing of her day in train! She goes back to a husband and two little kids. Starts yet another day with the cooking and packing, and on to the train journey again. The office hours and the routine hustle bustle follows. A typical day of an average Indian middle class woman. No big deal there! What makes her special there, is that simple smile she won’t let go of. It all started when I struck a random conversation with a co-passenger in my compartment. Being pretty good at getting people to talk, I got so much of data from her daily routine. But not for once did she mention that she’s tired. Or that it’s taking a toll on her health, her relationship with her family, or her life itself, for that matter. The f***ing train was late by almost an hour! I was lamenting despite the fact that I had no schedule affected. But yet, not for once did I hear a word of despair or frustration from her! Not even a swearing under the breath! And now, that’s not what is common with every average Indian middle class woman’s routine!
Women whine. All the women I know whine. Or at least, almost all the women. They whine to strangers. To people who have nothing in common with them, except for that particular moment of whining that they share. I have known very few women who don’t. My mom – the first. And a few others I fail to mention here. And finally, today this woman. I realized I didn’t ask her name only as she bid bye and got down at her station. Some women are too special! And for them, goes this day! To all the great women who have gone beyond being a mere gender division!
Funnily, even the book vendor in the train put in his tiny but graceful effort to appeal to the women of the world (train to be precise)! Tips for being the ideal wife/mother/daughter/sister! 60 easy tips for life! *ironic*

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