The story begins…

As usual, rushing through the traffic, hoping to make it to office in time. A perfect normal day, all worries pinned to getting a comfy parking lot, and nothing beyond. Passing through the security checks, there I was, scanning through the tightly packed parking area. The well trained security personnel gestured me to the end of the lane, where there were some scattered slots available. And I maneuver into one of the slot, cynical if that was the best available. Would the rain drench my two wheeler? Is it exposed to the Sun? Would it become difficult to get it out in the evening? Too many parameters to evaluate you know! Why couldn’t the security personnel come down all the way and help me pick up the best slot! I didn’t want him to park it for me, but just gently calmly point at the direction that I should drive through. See, that’s the catch! I am a self-sufficient self-reliant self-*, provided someone tells me left, right, up or down! *bulb lit up, bells rang*
And then I realized that is how much I have become wired to take orders, and stop thinking. I am a high performer when given directions, but would cry like a lost kid if you tell me to do it myself. Take orders. Don’t think! Hasn’t that been my motto? That morning changed my life!
*applause* *more applause*
That’s gonna be the opening lines of my speech, as I retread my road to success! *lost in applause inside my head*

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