JaDa – Day 23

Out of the blue, I found me and Divya sitting in a bus to Minami Kusatsu for no real reason. All good so far, as we went around the place, explored some shops, got some food – all good. And like normal people, we got into a bus back to hostel. Like normal people, again, we didn’t fuss about whether it would take us to our destination until we realised that it won’t! When we were the last people in the bus, finally it felt like a good time to talk to the driver. It was all Japanese versus English, and we rested our case by repeating ‘Ritsumeikan, Ritsumeikan’. Poor guy seemed to understand that it was pointless to say anything more, and asked us to sit down. He drove in silence and took us to the nearest possible point in his route, and stopped the bus. We took on the cue and showered him withArigato as we got down. We walked back to the hostel through the campus. In the backdrop of a calm moonlit night, the campus looked more beautiful than ever. And I wondered if we could just stay at the campus overnight, and work from here. I like it when our thoughts sync, like this one!

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