JaDa – Day 26

Japan is more beautiful in the morning. At least, Kyoto is. Somedays back, I thought the evenings are beautiful. Evenings are when I see people around, when the hue of the Sun make a picturesque sky, when the kids are out to play, when the wind is breezy and welcoming. Yet I think Japan is more beautiful in the morning. At least Kyoto is. At least this place that I live in, is. The mornings are calm and cleansing, with the early rising Sun, the scenic misty mountains, the chilly breeze. Oh wait, that’s exactly the problem! Why is it so shivering cold?! My morning walk lasted a day and never did I go again. One, because I sulk a lot. Two, and majorly because it’s freezing cold. I wish it was more warmer. Or maybe, I should just wish I be less dramatic and sulking about it!

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