JaDa – Day 37

We packed lunch to lab today. Divya did yesterday as well. It felt like school once again. Carrying lunch to school, waiting for the break, and opening the lunch box for the surprise meal mom packed; except, there was no surprise. I knew the contents of the boring lunch that I packed for myself. Perils of growing up, I guess. For a change, I was at Divya’s lab today. And Tadamori, her lab mate was around. He kept talking in his cute broken English, and we sat listening. After a long conversation, I was given a list of vegan food options I could try in Japan – nuts, tofu and chocolate! And to top the list, he suggested we try ‘shabu shabu’ – a Japanese hotpot dish with sliced meat and vegetables. The idea was pretty neat; Divya would get the meat and I can have the vegetables – a whole new level of vegan delicacy!

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