JaDa – Day 46

The day is never complete until you travel. Especially when you are in a new place. Everyday looks out for a new place to explore, newer things to do, and the newest experience. Going Aeon mall was one such. It’s the closest place to hang out, from our stay. Yet we never went that way so far. Everything has a time and place, and today was Aeon’s. Going to the western side of Minami Kusatsu felt like stepping into a whole different land. We usually use the eastern side, as that’s the side where the University and I-house are. It was the same set of shops, similar houses and buildings. Yet, it felt different in many unknown ways.

Aeon had a lot of things that we went searching for in Kyoto. It had a familiar ambience of a mall, yet an intriguing aura. The supermarket, shopping, food court – they all felt the same. Except that, shopping was cheaper and food court was not confusing; head straight to any shop that serves French fries and you are done. Luckily enough, I had McDonald’s. By far, food decisions have been the easiest for me, here! I did try the half and half pizza – thanks to Divya for her ‘kindness’. The Margherita and Four cheese were perfect for me. It’d been so for her too, had it been not too ‘veg’!

Coming back home, it wasn’t a satisfying day yet. The desire to travel more is growing stronger after each passing day!

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