JaDa – Day 55

And comes a day without a plan! The three of us reached Kyoto and still had no plan. Yodobashi was a safe bet, since we all wanted to look at electronic products. It’s been two months since we are here, and yet this is the first time we step into an electronics shop. We spent a considerably long time, until we decided to split ways. Caught off guard, I was left with no plan and a lot of dilemma.

Lost, I got out of Yodobashi and walked in a random direction. At the foot of Kyoto tower, a vegan restaurant board heralded me in. As usual, it was a place with salads and crazy vegan juice. But again, I met Asami because of that ‘vegan’ board. Asami is a tourist information staff at Kyoto tower. She probably sensed me being lost as I was looking at their brochure. She gave me an overview about everything I asked for, in Japan and in no time, cheered me up. Asami means a pleasant morning in Japanese. She told me that, out of nowhere. I parted with her, in gratitude and respect. I gave her my contact details, and promised to help her plan a vacation in India. As she gave me her card, I thanked her once again and told her she made my day. How I wish I do a job that makes people say that to me!

At the basement of Kyoto tower, I found a place with an ambience – a food court. With my share of French fries and doughnuts, I contemplated life, sitting on a high chair in the middle of nowhere! With a sudden revelation, I went straight to Bic Camera, another electronics shop nearby. Bought a couple of stuff, as it was more than just electronics there. It was then I realised that it was connected to Kyoto station from inside. Soon, I was at hostel, before Saikat and Divya.

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