JaDa – Day 60

After long discussions and confusions and rescheduling and a lot more, finally we made it to USJ! For the scaredy cat that I am, the transition from Silver Storm and Dream World to Veegaland was a feat in itself (all are amusement parks back home). And now at Universal Studios Japan, I really had no sense of purpose or objective. I went, because Divya went. And I thought it’s the right thing to do, to give her company. Reaching there, standing in the queue for entering the park, there’s a good view of the roller-coaster, Hollywood Dream. The curves and bends of the track made me wonder again, about why did I drag myself there. I was reassured that the place is not for boring people like me. But again, I was excited to see around the place. Just see, no ride, no screaming, nothing.

All that said, I found myself standing in a long queue, winding around Hogwarts. Ride after ride, I went to Harry Potter, Spiderman, and a few others I have not even heard of. By the time I started exploring the fun side of me, I also realised that there’s only so much fun I could have, for all other rides were beyond my threshold of fear! Dropping the jaws, I watched The Flying Dragon fly over my head. The adrenaline rush, the screaming and the frolic were all fun and exciting. But fear is a real emotion. And of all others, I don’t really want to overcome it.

Talking about fears, USJ was not just about being scared but also about overcoming it. Only that, it wasn’t quite mainstream. My fears were relinquished in the children’s area. My first ever amusement park experience ended in a very bad note with just one ride, many years ago. Just as the fancy merry-go-round started moving, I got scared and jumped off the seat and ran out of the ride. The next thing I remember is my dad chiding me, as we exited the park. I have always been scared of giant wheels, erratically moving adventure rides aka roller-coasters and all of its kind. One day at USJ wasn’t enough to conquer the fear. So I started low with merry-go-rounds, Flying Snoopy and the lots. And it felt very accomplishing to be the only one not screaming in fear in the rides. Please ignore the fact that my fellow riders were kids.

It was refreshing to embrace the child in oneself. Especially when I got an extra ride without being in the queue, because my Snoopy didn’t fly the first time! At the end of my second ride, the operator lady asked me if I enjoyed it. I am not sure yet if it was normal sarcasm or Japanese non-judgmental politeness! Whatever may that be, at the end of 9 rides (that’s more than what you usually get in USJ), kids’ and otherwise, I exited the park as a happy kid. I am glad I joined Divya, despite not being part of her adventure league!

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