JaDa – Day 84

Finally, the day has come, and the flight is here to take us home. We reached the airport pretty early, thanks to Haruka! We couldn’t have checked in that early, so that made up for an excuse to roam around Osaka. We hardly saw the airport when we arrived here. I wasn’t particularly looking for anything, for I had drawn a full stop on souvenir shopping. It was my hunger pang’s turn to be pacified as I spotted a Subway. Biting into a sure-shot vegetarian food was a dream come true for me in Japan! Luggage was well within the limits, so no worries there, though Divya and Saikat slightly got the burn. Soon, I was in the flight, looking back at Japan from air – one final glance. Surprises weren’t over yet at Japan. I was given my pre-booked meal, well packed and appetizing – Japanese sticky rice with convincing vegetables! And that, my friends, is the story of me tasting authentic Japanese rice, mid-air, flying away from Japan. After a brief layover at China, we were in our flight to Mumbai, rushing back home.

With the touch down, JaDa ends.

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