The Jan 1st post!

Jan 1st post. Posted on Jan 2nd. Does this say anything about me? Well, it does. And I’d rather choose to keep it to myself. I had this wonderful resolutions of one post a day for the new year. I even had awesome strategies to boost myself and squeeze some precious words of wisdom from myself. Simple yet strategic. I’d choose an event of the day and write about it everyday. Life being so eventful for me (got the sarcasm??), I’d never run out of topics too. Ironically though, a very eventful day finally leaves you with little or no time to relax. Let alone, lie down on ya bed and search for the most apt words to beautify your post. It just gets as messy and as eventful as the day itself. And that leaves with you such awkward moments of titling posts like these!

But its fine. I’d find some means of getting past that obvious irony! Eventful days are what I love in the end. Yesterday was one heck of it. The new year was indeed awesome. From most trivial to the grand astounding things I’d have ever wanted to do! All in a day! That truly is one heck of a feeling! Of all things, the one thing I dont want to miss sharing is the inexplicable feel if breaking the awesome rules pushed down your throat! Got to sit by the door for an hour long train journey and that was “awesome”! To get thru the feel of jumping down to the inviting river, to fight back the slamming door, and finally, to avoid the pestering stares from the unavoidable crowd!! That was one thing I’d have essayed about yesterday. But today, that’s outdated na? And its not like I didnt write anything at all. 🙂

Waiting for tomorrow. For something to push me into writing. Resolutions are kept. Promises are given. Atleast this year! 😛

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