In the going!

So now finally, when 2012 is in the going, what’s more important to me? Welcoming the New Year and stepping into 2013 with grace and certitude are all part of my schedule. But, as I said, what’s the most important thing? Its actually winding up 2012 in as good a note as possible by me, for myself. 2012 was a nightmare. Don’t take me for a person who whines this at every New Year Eve. The past year was that bad. 2012! This is what I want to do. Guess I just did it and I am so much more at peace with myself now. The past year must be wrapped in a box, tight and secure. I don’t want it to ever repeat and seep into the future, that begins in less than an hour.

I have a lot to say about 2012. I can list out the points, where I failed, how I lost, what I lacked. But I am sure that won’t help improve my New Year. They were tough days. And tough lessons. And tougher punishments, everytime I failed to assimilate them. I’d rather not take such a rigid course! There’s nothing I carry over from the past, into my future. There are no big anticipations. No ceremonious beginning of the year. No hopes attached anywhere. Its just another night. To wake into another morning. Nothing changes with the sun rise. Change is a matter of more substance than dawn and the light. I am not pessimistic here. I am not expecting the worst out of tomorrow, or the days that follow, making 2013. I am being the realist once again. The one that I was, before the onset of the mishap called 2012. I can deal with life, without fancy dates associating to it.

This year. This day. This moment is what I feared I’d never survive. I am thru with ’em all! What more to stop me! I survived. I stood thru today. And that inspires me to live thru tomorrow. Today is the day I feared yesterday! And today turns out to be just another, and over before I even knew it. With a handful of decisions (resolutions sound silly beyond tolerance) to revamp LIFE, I stil claim, ‘No hopes attached’! Hoping to stay detached from hopes. 😛

4 thoughts on “In the going!

  1. Yay! For the steady blog thing. Hope you update your blog tomorrow too. I like the fact that you can deal with life without fancy dates associating to it (as for me, I am in desperate need of fancy dates). But, it takes a really courageous person to look at a day and say that it is not a special day but I still like it and I’d still love it.

    Loved your sentence : “Today is the day I feared yesterday.” I abso-fricking-lutely love that sentence. Like whoa!
    In fact, I’d probably write it down on my bedroom wall…

    Keep up the good work and have an awesome day and an awesome year ahead.


    1. Thank you? I guess that’s the modest respose to this kinda comment! 😀
      And the sentence, yeah, it really helps me thru as well. You inspire me to write more. 🙂


    1. Thank you for the comment. So how did you find my blog? Google, I suppose? Read thru a lot of your posts too. Keep writing. Have wonderful times with the baby! 🙂


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