Adios 2014!

New Year Resolution and Year End diary/blog! I have been always that person who thinks these are inevitable and mandatory in life. But somehow, tonight, I am falling short of words. Suddenly, I feel like I have forgotten to write. It’s been a long gap after all! A long eventful gap – new people, new places, new experiences. Oh forgot to mention, a new job too. Rather, ‘the’ first job! I have been instructed not to disclose the identity of my job in my blog, but even otherwise! Tonight is not about my job. Not about the people or the places or the experiences. It’s about me! It’s about this moment of happiness. Of being able to write once again. Of falling back to myself. Of jumping out of the overrated normality. Tonight, I am happy. Just how the rest of the world is, but just not the same way. Away from the sparkling lights and the tinkling music, I am happy that I relish this moment. In dim lit ambience of my room, under my rickety fan, on my squeaky bed. I am happy. I am writing.
People started asking me about the pending posts. I said they were on their way. I never thought I would bring them back up here. But here I am. This moment of bliss. Anandam.

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