Bliss again!

Is 2015 all about happiness? I wonder why bliss is my only topic these days. I think happy. I feel happy. I am happy. And now I write happy. Is it that there’s nothing bad happening yet? 22 days into the year and I sure have more than 22 reasons to be extremely sad and depressed ranging from… Well, let’s talk about what causes happiness. Sorrow is omnipresent. But happiness is the new guest I don’t know how to welcome yet! Should I just smile? Should I say it out? I don’t know. How do I make the happiness stay? I have been thinking if I could list down what all made me happy in the immediate past.
# The aunty who sits at the reception desk that I pass by every morning, walking into the office. I felt really good she said good morning ‘only’ to me. Felt special among my colleagues, for God knows what reason!
# A friend/colleague got into a project finally. I have no clue what in that makes me so happy. I could see myself practically grinning, reading her WhatsApp message about the allocation.
# Caught hold of that bug! Spot on! Right away shared a screen shot to the supervisor, sitting just a cubicle away. I was so happy hearing them laugh aloud. They were already wondering what to do with the newbie ‘bug’! (Or the newbie ‘me’!)
# So immensely happy Swathi is just like me! Learns things faster in reverse than in order. 100..99..98.. Proud moment of seeing myself her in! (Am I not to be sad she reminds me of an uncertain me!) I am excited seeing her grow up!
# Tamil is in the air! And the happiness is inexplicable! A colleague in team and so many other faceless Tamil voices in the air! Hardly any conversation that I hold, I am still beaming listening to the flowing Tamizh!
# Happy daughter again! Yelling screaming parents *tada* back in passionate conversations with me! Just like that! I have the magic back with me to pull them out of yelling at me, pushing them back to *cajole me* mode!
# This moment of happiness. Of finishing a bulleted post. A desire always held close to heart! To sound a like an authentic blogger!
Let me not have another bulleted list of sorrows. They are always safer under covers. But one little sorrow.. I had a special post planned for Jan 1st! And all these days of neglecting my blog, I thought I had already put it up! Chuck that! Maybe Feb 1st! šŸ™‚

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