I am scared of people suddenly. This evening, I was thinking about how people around each one of us are actually kids and how easy it is to handle if you think of them as just kids! Quoting some recent incidents, an egoistic bastard (or so I thought) turned to be a silly attention seeking child! All he wanted was, perhaps, some attention and acknowledgement among the peers! I was so irritated by his continuous expressions of gloating, so much so that I was almost beginning to hate him! And suddenly, he revealed himself to be a really innocent child, struggling to bring some attention on him! I could easily let my frustration go away, and be cool with him again. More to quote, I have been thinking of all those silly fights going around me. I imagine all of them to be stubborn little kids, and suddenly I keep my cool again.
Despite all these wonderful thoughts of mine, suddenly I am scared. Of people. Human ambience is making me uncomfortable. I tend to avoid people. Even the usual company. And suddenly when I find it odd, I try to grab it back and ruin things further. I am disturbed by the random faces and the mindless ramblings around me. I am afraid of being in human company!

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