The long beard

So why is your hair so long? (addressed to a guy!) What does it take to answer, ‘Coz hair just grows like that!’, knowing that the whole intention of the question was not just ‘that’! I have not yet defined what does it take to get that extra edge to tackle such ‘concerns’! The point is, how do you suddenly look at things differently and lightly and all the more satisfyingly! Hearing about this guy who quit job after ten years of savings, worth 4 lakhs, deciding to enjoy life till the money runs out, and then start over again with something else! I don’t know if I am laughing at him or laughing at myself. Do I want to do that? No I don’t. But do I believe that’s stupid? No I don’t. It’s too daring for me to think, but too possible to execute. What’s it that stops me? I guess it must be a very similar reason that stops most of you. More than the instability on life and livelihood, it’s the answerability that stops us. Going back home, the necessity to explain yourself to your parents, to the spouse, to the extended family and friends!
You want a career break. Whom do you inform? Your boss? Your company? Your immediate family? Makes sense so far. What is your second cousin’s father in law or your niece’s fianc doing in your career decision? Why is it that every Tom, Dick and Harry hold you answerable to them? You want a divorce. You want an adoption. You want to preach bachelor hood. You want to do bungee jumping! To who all do you explain the reason and rationale behind each of your life decisions. Why is everyone so ‘concerned’!
Why is it that a disease in the family undergoes autopsy within the family, even before the patient know anything. Why is it that a lot of us don’t see the border line! Isn’t that a simple logic! Stay out of my business. I will stay out of yours too. Poking into another man’s shit just gives in more space for someone else to poke into yours!

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