JaDa – Day 3

The whole deal about jet lag and time zone difference was overrated until this morning. Waking up at 11 in the morning, I panicked that Divya left without me, only to find her sleeping too! We both struggled to match the time zone and our sleeping pattern. Saikat somehow seems unaffected by the whole deal, as usual. After a quick breakfast, we rushed to the university. Going so late into the lab was a bit weird, but thankfully everyone was occupied with some discussion. Wait a minute! Was I also supposed to be a part of that? I hoped not and swiped my card to sneak in. Going about by my plan, I had a private discussion with my guide. New challenge, every day! He suggested I make a presentation, and I was unsure how would the communication barrier be dealt with. But, I had more ‘important things’ to worry about the presentation, so I let it pass. In a while when Divya pinged, it was time for my rescheduled medical checkup. We both went around for a walk before my appointment. That’s when ‘Takoyaki’ happened! To be honest, the first food that was an appetiser to me in Japan is Takoyaki. Deep fried, perfectly crafted, garnished with spring onions and mayo – the mouth watering ball of joy – except the octopus inside! Oh yeah, apparently the lady has been going crazy about it ever since the beginning of the Japan plan. Trust me, I could feel my stomach grumbling for food just by looking at the well-cooked Takoyaki balls. We made a video of she gobbling them, and that felt like the beginning of a great trip ahead!

Medical checkup was a fun episode too. I wouldn’t forget the way the lady who checked my blood pressure told me to ‘relaaaaax’, with her animated expressions! Nor the lady who struggled to decipher my ‘complicated’ medical history. I would never grow tired of saying this – people here are unbelievably well-mannered! You feel guilty of being at the receiving end of their humility. Though I learnt ‘Arigato’ to be the Japanese word for ‘Thank you’, it never comes out of me. Because, when I thank them, I always do it from the deepest of my heart. I don’t even get to think enough to translate it to their language.

The rest of the evening went by as yesterday, as we explored the campus. Out of nowhere, I had this new desire for ice cream. Probably, I was hungry ever since the Takoyaki episode. Photos, more photos and even more photos, and we reached back for a heartwarming dinner. My first proper meal here – Puliyodharai!


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