JaDa – Day 4

It rained yesterday. And we were warned not to use the ‘commuter route’. I was wondering what would happen if it continued to rain the whole night. It was disturbing. But again, that did not happen. Only that, today I had the added weight of the umbrella in my bag. I am getting better with the stairs now. I used stop and pant after 2 fleets. But today, I went up till three fleets before I paused! We were delayed by a small conversation with the warden – worth every moment! It was a surprise to learn that the old man had served in IT industry for a considerably long time, and owned a home in Pune, India. People are intriguing; more so here than anywhere else!

Divya has become desperate to get me to eat something here. But the more she tries, the more food I see, the more I feel like not eating any of them. Maybe my subconscious is grabbing on the opportunity to lose some weight! Today was pretty drab. More so because there were less people, and more places. We discovered new pathways and buildings in the campus, but why aren’t there enough people here! I wonder, maybe one should reorganise the population in the world, and bring people from the populated parts of the world to the less populated areas! A day without enough people in it is not a day at all.

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