JaDa – Day 8

Great things come free! So does coffee. Today was about discovering how Shiru Cafe gives college students free coffee in the campus. We have known about it before, but I didn’t put in enough efforts to see how things work. Today, since Divya was keen too, we both went through the process and got our free coffee. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we decided to go out on this crazy trip Gyomo Super – a store nearby famous for vegetables and Indian-like spices. Hopping into a bus, we did the first step correctly. We got the slip that had the boarding stop number. In both our interest, I’d rather not detail the rest of the eventful journey. But to sum it up, had it happened back in my city in Kerala, I could have updated my vocabulary on the local slang for delaying a bus full of people. But this is Japan. So none of that happened, instead we were offered help to get out of the confusion we created. Navigating with the map, we reached Gyomo and to my happiness, I found more vegetables and vegetarian food items than what I expected. The walk home was refreshing, though we were tired by the time we reached back. We should probably walk more. Or maybe get a bicycle?

Ritsumeikan Campus – BKC

P.S. Last night, the taxi we took was somewhere near Gyomo only. The distance I happily walked today, was impossible for me yesterday!

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