JaDa – Day 9

Shiru Cafe has come in so useful now, not just because it’s free but also because that’s probably the only place where I can sit down and be sure of the food they serve. It’s just coffee and some confectionery/bakery. With amazing open air ambience! It takes you sufficiently away from the hustle (hardly any) of the campus, but still makes you feel connected to the place.

That was not all for the day. Ms. Kshipra from India had come down to the university as part of a cross-cultural seminar. It was nice to meet her, though it was brief and short. It was like someone from home finally came to check on you! I specifically loved the bit where she asked, ‘How are you holding up, vegetarian?’. For the one single conversation that we had back in India, that was too much detail to remember! Unexpected people make you feel good at unexpected times!

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