JaDa – Day 10

For some days now, I have been tracking my ‘extensive exercise’ on RunKeeper. I was pretty sure I am exerting myself a lot and burning loads of calories. But when I turn to the app, it shows 0.58 km walked, 70 calories burnt at a pace of 20 min/km; and I am still panting for breath! What the fudge is that now! I’m surviving on minimal food, slogging like a dog (or, so I think) carrying myself up and down the hill, but it’s almost like none of it counts. I am still gonna be the same Humpty Dumpty forever! That doesn’t concern me as much my efforts going in vain; maybe I should just finish the packets of donuts now!

Things weren’t going great with people at lab. They are pretty friendly, but language was a huge barrier to cross. So I tried translating English to Japanese on Google and that worked like a charm! In less than a minute, I had a conversation started, wondered why they are not on Facebook, talked about LinkedIn, and befriended them on Line! And I thought not speaking Hindi was a huge setback! The one thing about this whole scene of international education is the small things like these. It gives you a greater perspective, and helps you to let go of the trivial things from the past.

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