JaDa – Day 15

Finally, two weeks in Japan! One more week to the end of April and one third of the entire trip. Time is flying and I was kinda wondering if I am losing track of the research. My professor appears as a divine intervention at the right moment, and tells me he has some time to discuss, finally! Such small incidents reinstate a greater deal of confidence and faith in oneself. After a fifteen minute discussion, I felt way more directed and inspired to move forward from wherever I was. I came back to dorm sooner than usual; one because I was hungry, two because I felt I made huge progress for the day already! Things were all good until I licked off the last morsel of puliyodharai. The empty container in which amma packed the pulikachal was my nightmare coming true! What next? Will I die hungry in this strange land that doesn’t understand the concept of vegetarianism? My food dreams were crushed over and over, the more I looked at the erstwhile ‘pulikachal paathram’!

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