JaDa – Day 16

The drizzle that never stops is annoying. But very homely annoying. It reminds me of the incessant rains back home, that annoyed me while I went to school, college and later office. Rain was always a part and parcel of life. And when it continues here on the other part of the continent, I am home sick. I don’t miss amma and appa, or even Vidya much. I see them, talk to them, and almost feel like I am with them – thanks to the technology! What technology still hasn’t progressed on is the tiny little feelings like this. I miss the rain at home. I miss getting drenched in the downpour. I suddenly missed home horribly when Vidya said she came home fully drenched in the rain. It feels like it’s been ages since I have been home, or seen the rain there. I miss home.

Other than the rain, nothing stay in my memory. Ah well, the medical checkup! That part was fun, where I had to go for the blood test. Every instance of conversation with a Japanese person paves way for a blog in itself. Neither do I understand what I am saying, nor do they get me. But we still keep trying and get things done somehow! It was the same this time, when a lady there wanted me to write down my address on an envelope. I figured she was asking for the address only because she gave me an envelope. God knows what would have happened otherwise! Somehow passing through that, I had my blood sample taken and had a tiny bandage around the tiny prick. I was directed to a table and a chair by the same lady, where she placed an hour glass. The rest was understood, just by exchanging smiles. And I sat there, counting the sand grains dripping down, smiling to myself. I guess such small gestures are what set Japan apart. Blood test wasn’t a new thing for me. But this care was new. And it felt warm, especially when you aren’t home anymore.

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