JaDa – Day 53

Cube, right next to Shiru cafe, has always been enticing us. Finally, we stepped in and I kept wondering why I didn’t go there sooner. It guaranteed fried potatoes in the campus, after all. Some cheese, some potato, some eggplant and some blueberry. It was a perfect lunch. The dinner was to be more perfect though, for it was the proper dinner here, after almost two months. Shoko, the coordinator here, some other international students and us – it was a good time! Forget about food, its always french fries for me. While they enjoyed a traditionalokonomiyaki, Shoko desperately tried to get a customised vegetarian option one. When I listed everything I couldn’t eat, and as Shoko translated it to the waitress, it was a priceless look on her face. She wondered what is left to cook, as we kept removing ingredient after ingredient! The first proper Japanese dinner, however, was a worthwhile experience. The makeshift grill on the table, the communal platter as everyone’s food went into the same grill plate, and the first look ofokonomiyaki – a new memory to my Japan Diary!

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