JaDa – Day 77

The two of them left early in the morning for Fuji, and soon after I left to explore the city of Tokyo. Rushing through the crowd, figuring out the roads, I got carried away by the vibes of the city. My destination was pretty clear though – Akihabara! The shopping hub of electronics and anime, manga and a lot more – it was so amazing that I spent almost my entire day in those streets only. Walking past maid cafes and anime characters, the feeling of being alone in a foreign city was very enthralling, and not at all scary. I spent most of the day in Yodobashi and Bic Camera, fidgeting with all variants of iPads, testing and evaluating their price, performance and my budget. The Apple Pencil was so amazing that I wrote long essays in Malayalam with it, and spent hours playing with it. I am not sure if I need it yet. But I really really want it.

Unwillingly, I ventured out of Akihabara, towards Ginza, the richer and grander side of the city, in search of an Indian restaurant, ‘Dhaba India’. I walked in expecting the same old huge naan and flavourless sabzi, which I had learnt to adjust with. But what awaited me was awesome ‘masala dosa’ and piping hot coffee! The vigor with which the Tamil server went to the center of the hall and ceremoniously poured my coffee from the cup to the another bowl, and transferred it back to the cup. That was usual, for a local tea stall in India, but why here? I got the response soon enough, as the guests applauded and looked at the guy in awe. It struck me only then, that I am in a foreign country, sitting in a restaurant that would be foreign to the majority of the guests dining there! Soon enough, I met Divya at Shinjuku bus station, and we headed back to Grapehouse Koenji.

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