JaDa – Day 78

Either we had had too much of Tokyo already, or we were just too tired. We were more than glad to go back to Kyoto. I was even kinda looking forward for the night bus, almost from the beginning of the day. That said, we made our visits to Asakusa, did some souvenir shopping, wondered what’s so great about Tokyo Sky Tree without climbing all the way up (too expensive for no apparent reason!), and walked around the streets of Tokyo. We had had enough of Tokyo, except for one – my iPad. We met Shruti enroute, and went to buy it finally. I was too excited and confused at the same time, I couldn’t make up my mind on the colour or focus on the billing. I somehow paid the amount, and literally ran out of the building with a brand new iPad and an Apple Pencil. It now felt like a completed trip, and I just wanted to be back at I-House. Nothing else mattered anymore, that I point blank rejected the idea of eating from Subway (my only hope for a decent vegetarian meal in Japan!). Soon enough, we bid bye to Shruti and settled down in the bus back to Minami Kusatsu. Bye bye, Tokyo!

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