JaDa – Day 79

Reaching at Minami Kusatsu, we had some time until the bus came. We bought some bread for breakfast, and got onto the first bus that came by. It seems quite ridiculous to get into the wrong bus after 3 months of staying at a place, but anyway, we did just that. Technically, it was not a wrong bus; it just took a slight detour from the stop immediately before ours. We got down at a completely new part of the street, and walked all the way back to I-House. But then, I would say that wrong bus did the best thing for us. If not for the bus, we’d have never gone to that part of Matsugaoka – vast expanse of green farmlands and curvy roads. It was a very beautiful sight for a great morning. The night bus and the unanticipated long morning walk made sure we spent the rest of the day indoors only. Exhausted!

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